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August 1, 2020

The quest for good, reliable information


A cosmetics formulator shares how ozmi could help improve her workflow

Monica Chandak, founder of Holy Skin Cosmetic solutions, creates formulations for independent cosmetics brand owners. Her business depends on reliable, accessible information, and she is enthusiastic about ozmi™'s potential to provide it in a one-stop cosmetics-creation shop.

"Sometimes we don't have all the information at hand and we need to look it up," she says. She said the ideal tool would provide all the necessary information in one place, in a structured way. "You wouldn't really need any other help; if you have access to such a platform, you would know what to do next and how to do it."

That's what interests her in ozmi, she says. When it launches, she expects to find a unique one-stop shop that helps with cosmetics creation, from formulation to packaging to regulation to testing, with project-management functionality and useful information from end to end.

Monica's journey

As an independent cosmetics formulator, Monica works with brands around the world. Based in London, she has over a decade of experience as a consultant and chemist. She lends her research-and-development expertise to clients with ambitious goals. 

Holy Skin's services begin in the vision and research phase. The company helps clients through ingredient sourcing, formulation development, approval, and production.

Typically, the firm's clients sell their goods online, on their own web shops; some use B2C marketplaces to help spread awareness of their brands. Monica helps them get there.

"I have always been on the development side," Monica says. "That's my passion. I like to design formulations, to work around chemicals, to make new things, create new formulations, and help people with the knowledge I have about the ingredients."

Monica said ozmi showed promise for helping her do that. She cited features including ozmi's project-management tools and simple creation workflow, which are designed to present all the information a creator or a provider needs, precisely when they need it.

Reliable information is critically important

Several times, Monica emphasized how important it was to easily access accurate, current, complete information. 

For example, she mentioned data on specialized ingredients. When formulating, she needs to have access to technical information and suppliers' stock information.

This will be particularly useful for cosmetics creators with limited industry experience, she thinks. 

"For someone who has very little knowledge about the industry, ozmi would be a useful platform because it will present information in a stepwise form," Monica says. "If information is not given to you in the right manner, it would be useless, really."

She says that as a detailed, centralized information hub, ozmi will also be useful for solution providers. This includes professionals who work on a contract basis, like her. People with experience in the industry—"even chemists like us"—don't have everything memorized. Information can change, as well.

In addition, reliability can be a concern. 

"Don't get me wrong, there are cosmetics-specific platforms that we are using currently. But sometimes the source cannot be trusted. Even on those platforms, it is not up to date, it is not correct, it is sometimes incomplete or not even appropriate."

For example, one database said a particular chemical was in stock at a certain supplier. When Monica's client attempted to buy it, the supplier responded that they did not make it. It turns out that the company's new owner had dropped that product from the range; the information source was outdated.

Trustworthy collaboration partners: also crucial

Just like ingredient information, information on companies she's considering working with should also be reliable.

Monica also said that she often finds clients on platforms such as and Upwork.

These platforms are open to a wide range of industries, and they have large user bases but aren't specialized for cosmetics-industry professionals.

Monica appreciates the steps these platforms take to ensure that clients and vendors alike are trustworthy. And this is a key ozmi feature: using background checks to make sure that brands and solution providers are trustworthy, so they can collaborate with confidence "There is nothing similar available on the market that is so focused on cosmetics."


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