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Promote your offerings, increase sales, and manage clients — all on ozmi. Solution providers across categories use ozmi to make sales.
Ingredient suppliers
Packaging suppliers
Technical consultants
Test institutes
Marketing agencies
Regulatory consultants
Safety assessors
Contract manufacturers
Labelling consultants
Sales consultants
Resellers & brokers

Showcase your products and services

Company profile

Create and customize your company’s profile to put your best foot forward when connecting with potential partners. 

Product & service listing

Promote your products and services with a page that will attract clients and customers. 

Get more leads

Manage and communicate with clients

Receive RFQs

Hear from brands interested in your offering and respond to quotes through ozmi. 

Manage products

Activate and deactivate your products according to your bandwidth or supply using the product list dashboard. 


How much does ozmi cost?
ozmi is free for now. For more information visit our Pricing Page.
Is ozmi secure and how will you protect my intellectual property?
Protecting our customers' data is our top priority, and that is reflected in our design, architecture, and operational procedures. All data is hosted by best-in-class data centers with industry-leading access control, including video surveillance, security, access lists, and exit procedures. Development and engineering adhere to modern security principles in all parts of the application. ozmi fulfills GDPR requirements. In addition, we regularly review and improve our processes and designs.
Why should solution providers join ozmi?
ozmi helps you engage with your customers digitally. Our algorithms assist you in every step of the sales process and business matchmaking. In addition, with ozmi, you can expand your existing client network and find other suppliers to complement your own offering.
Do I need to sign up for ozmi in order to have my products appear in searches?
Yes. Only ozmi members will be eligible to appear in search results.
Will my ozmi product or service details be exposed to search engines?
No. Products or services on ozmi will only be viewable through ozmi search for ozmi users, so they will not appear in Google, Bing, or other search-engine results.

Start using ozmi for free

While we continue working on new features and getting user feedback, ozmi will be free. We will notify you if there is any change to pricing.

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