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General questions

Who is ozmi for?
ozmi is open to all B2B professionals in the cosmetics creation space.
How much does ozmi cost?
ozmi is free for now. For more information visit our Pricing Page.
Is ozmi secure and how will you protect my intellectual property?
Protecting our customers' data is our top priority, and that is reflected in our design, architecture, and operational procedures. All data is hosted by best-in-class data centers with industry-leading access control, including video surveillance, security, access lists, and exit procedures. Development and engineering adhere to modern security principles in all parts of the application. ozmi fulfills GDPR requirements. In addition, we regularly review and improve our processes and designs.
How does ozmi verify the partners on its platform are reliable?
ozmi enlists only verified and credible cosmetics businesses for a safe, secure, and risk-free business experience. We believe that trust is very important, so we perform background checks to ensure that we partner with high-quality businesses.
How does ozmi ensure that the information on its platform is correct?
Providing a secure business environment by keeping data on ozmi accurate, relevant, and high-quality is our utmost priority. Our data teams continuously strive to maintain these high standards with multiple methods of data curation, involving manual and automated data refinement and enrichment. We also engage closely with our data sources to ensure that the data displayed is always relevant, detailed, and useful.
Why doesn’t ozmi support Internet Explorer?
Up-to-date security measures require up-to-date web browsers. Internet Explorer is based on technology from 1995 and is used today by fewer than 4% of Internet users. As of fall 2020, Microsoft itself is ending support for it. Adjusting modern sites to work with it is time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. We've made the decision to focus on developing new features and maintaining high security, which is why ozmi users are kindly asked to download a current Web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.
Will ozmi be available in other languages?
As of fall 2020, ozmi is available in English only. We plan to offer French and German versions soon. Until then, we recommend that multilingual users use Google Translate. This is a free-of-charge service, and it is easy to use: simply paste the desired text to be translated into the tool, and a translation will be automatically generated. You can even paste a web address (such as, and when you click the link that Google Translate generates, it will automatically translate the page for you.

For cosmetics creators

Why should cosmetics creators join ozmi?
On ozmi, you can find ingredients and other resources, partner with solution providers, manage your projects, and obtain guidance so you don't run into unexpected roadblocks in the cosmetics creation workflow. All this is controlled from one easy-to-use dashboard, making cosmetics creation more efficient and more delightful. Plus, you have the flexibility to only use ozmi when you need it.
Why do I need ozmi if I already have a supplier network in place?
You can keep as many of your existing supplier relationships as you choose. In fact, why not encourage them to join ozmi as well? Benefit from the relationships you've carefully built and the seamless collaboration ozmi offers. You can also expand your existing network with our database of thoroughly vetted solution providers.

For solution providers

Why should solution providers join ozmi?
ozmi helps you engage with your customers digitally. Our algorithms assist you in every step of the sales process and business matchmaking. In addition, with ozmi, you can expand your existing client network and find other suppliers to complement your own offering.
Do I need to sign up for ozmi in order to have my products appear in searches?
Yes. Only ozmi members will be eligible to appear in search results.
Will my ozmi product or service details be exposed to search engines?
No. Products or services on ozmi will only be viewable through ozmi search for ozmi users, so they will not appear in Google, Bing, or other search-engine results.

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